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My own mini ‘Con

When my Facebook and Twitter feeds went all aflutter and atingle this past weekend, I knew it had arrived. Comic-Con. Or, more accurately, “Comic-Con International: San Diego… home of the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world!”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go. Although, I REALLY would’ve loved checking it out. Not only were a bunch of my friends on panels (‘cause they’re groovy like that), but a few even moderated them. So while my peeps were in San Diego getting their geek on — and I mean that in the most loving and envious way — I was 100 miles up the coast spending the last weekend of my mother-in-law’s visit tourist-ing it up.

I can’t stress enough MeMe’s overall awesomeness. Which is why we wanted her last two days in town with her youngest grandchild to rock. And, if I can toot our own horn, I think they did.

Our plan? Hit up the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach one day and Malibu the next. While we didn’t catch a glimpse of the “Twilight” cast, sing along with the “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” folks or see the trailer for the new season of “The Walking Dead,” I feel like we had our own mini version of ‘Con…

Some events were standing room only:

We ran into the occasional odd bird:

And even had close encounters with out-of-this-world creatures:

As for fangirling or fanboying? Most. Definitely. Evidenced here.

Just like my friends and the real Comic-Con, this household’s now going through a bit of withdrawal — but unlike with the real one, we don’t have to wait another year to experience it all again. Hear that, MeMe? (hint, hint)

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